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Time to enjoy...

For many motorcyclists, the ability to enjoy their machines and socialize with other like minded people is all part of the pleasure. Here at Holywood we we do our best to hold regular rides for everyone to enjoy.


Although riders mainly customers and friends of the shop all bikes are welcome.

Upcoming rides and other events will be listed below. Alternatively call the shop on 01387 720152 or email



Wednesday Wobblers 


    April-October 1st Wednesday of each month, departing the shop @ 18:00 Hours, ride of 50-100 miles followed by stop for dinner and banter. Riders to depart the destination at their leisure.


  • Easter Egg run Dumfries, 16th March Time and details to be confimed

  • Nardinis Cafe Largs, 10th April departing Holywood service station @ 10:00 Hours, day out, stopping at Nardinis on Largs seafront for luncheon roughly 150 miles total.

  • Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, 19th May, event starts 10:30 Hours departing Holywood service station at 11:30 Hours , Luncheon @ Kippford, around 25-30 miles, Fancy dress, sponsored charity event. Pre registration is required, link to be added when available. Strictly classic or classic themed bikes and clothing.

  • ***Holywood Service Station LTD 25th Anniversary party, event starts 13:00 Hours till 21:00 Hours 25th May 2024 @ Holywood Service Station.**

  • Arran weekender, 22nd-23rd June 2024. more details to follow..

  • Kielder Water, 25th August Departing Holywood Service Station @ 10:00 Hours ride round Kielder water with optional trail sections for those wishing to take part.

  • Royal Enfield One Ride 2024, Details to follow... (expected Sept)

  • Galloway camping weekend, 21st-22nd September @ Kirkcowan. Ride departing Holywood service station @ 10:00 Hours. Camping, bring a tent, beers. to return Sunday PM.

Shop Rides

Rides arranged by the shop are social gatherings for anyone to come along and enjoy. The shop will accept no liability for accidents, injury or damages occurred while attending a ride. By turning up for a ride it is assumed you and your motorcycle are covered by your own insurance policy, if not you will personally be liable. When taking part it is expected that all riders will abide by the highway code and the laws of the road, We also accept no liability for road conditions. Please maintain a safe distance from the rider in front and allow time to make road position adjustments to allow for potholes etc. When riding it is also important to remember that you and only you are responsible for your actions! You may be following someone, but it is important still to ride safely the leader of the ride will regroup where possible so do not make rash decisions in the fear of losing the group. Make safe decisions. Please ride to your ability not to the ability of others as this is how accidents occur. The leader will always ride to the ability of the slowest rider. ALWAYS advise the leader if you plan to depart the ride early. Check this page for ride updates before heading out. If for any reason the ride is cancelled or postponed it will appear on this page along with and changes for more information please call the shop.

Pre-ride checklist:

  1. Helmet & Appropriate clothing for weather conditions

  2. Tax & Insurance

  3. Check tyres including tyre pressures

  4. Check & adjust chain, Lubricate if required

  5. Check lights & levels

  6. Ensure petrol tank is full

  7. Bring a charged mobile phone 

  8. Check with the leader plan of route and destination

  9. Ask to join the wobblers Facebook chat

If you loose the group please do not panic. With reference to No.8 please make your own way to the destination. If you cant do this please use No.9 to inform the group you are ok and will not be joining them at the destination point.

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